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Maria Olga Athinaiou
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl. PW)
Certified Process Worker

Maria Olga is a Theater Practitioner and a Certified Process Worker. She was born in 1978. The challenges she faced as a child made her a dreamer as a mechanism of empowerment and resilience. Later on in her life, in Theater and Processwork she found systems of methodologies that connected dreaming with everyday life as a source of inspiration and knowledge. Both those fields defined her professional identity and helped her to feel this world is a home where she belongs.

She is working in the theater field through different roles (actress/performer, teacher, director) and in her private practice as a Process Worker.

Theater came first in her life. Her studies started in 1996 and she was trained in four different methodologies, in Greece and abroad, searching for multiple tools and different cultures of the practice and pedagogy of theater.

In 2013 a dear friend introduced her to Processwork and gave her a book of A. Mindell as a gift. She then started personal therapy and gradually in Processwork she found many aspects she had been searching for as a theater practitioner, as an artist, and as a human being. Between 2016 and 2023, and as she kept on working professionally in the theater field, she studied Processwork.

She was excited and thrilled by the tenderness with which the approach follows the unique process of each person, by the precision through which human experience is mapped, and by the respect for imagination as a means of accessing the unknown. She is deeply moved by the idea that the world is not changing only with big visible movements that will happen sometime in the future but also with every tiny shift that is experienced in the present moment.

She is researching the connection between Processwork and theater on many levels. She is working towards a Process-oriented Theater Practice focusing on the personal growth and well-being of theater practitioners, on supporting the creative process, and on the use of theater as a means of social change. In collaboration with institutions (artistic and typical education and more), she plans and applies long-term or short-term artistic/educational programs for youth or/and adults. She has created an experimental form of theater performance with participatory and educational orientation which aims to process social challenges.

When not working she loves to physically train, to stay silent and to have long walks with her dog.

She is a member of IAPOP (International Association of Process Oriented Psychology) and of the Union of Greek actors.

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Phone: +30 698 1231773
E-mail: athinaiou.maria.olga[at]

Anna Apsotolelli
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl. PW)
Certified Process Worker

Anna Apostolelli was born and raised in Athens. She studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at NTUA and worked at the Perama Shipbuilding Zone for 10 years. Since 2013 she is a member of the women’s cooperative that runs the Beaver Café. In 2022 she completed the training in Processwork psychological approach. Her relationship with Processwork started in 2007 and by the time she started the training she had attended seminars as well as training courses on group process facilitation.

Since 1997 she has been an active member of various activist and political groups, with a constant vision of changing the conditions of oppression, supporting marginalized groups, creating safer spaces for people who suffer social injustice and discrimination. Groups in which he has participated are: Network for Civil and Social Rights, Network for Social Support of Immigrants and Refugees, Virus Group, Queericulum Vitae (QV), Lesbian Group of Athens, What Queer Fest, Feminist Center of Athens. She has co-edited with Alexandra Chalkias the collective volume “Body, Gender, Sexuality. LGBTQ policies in Greece”, Plethron Publications, 2012. She has contributed a text to the volume “Inclusion and Resilience: Basic Principles in Counselling and Psychotherapy for Issues of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression”, ed. Papathanasiou N., Christidis E.O., Gutenberg Publications, 2020. She is a research associate of the Orlando LGBT+, Mental health without stigma.

In recent years she has been expressing herself artistically as Prokne, through performance, poetry and video art. She has published two poetry collections: The Same Poem, Queer Ink Publications, 2019 and Ship Repairs, Mpataria Publications, 2023.

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Email: anna.apapa[at]

Daphne Asimakopoulou-Kouloulia, B.Sc.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Daphne became who she is today through the magical path of art and psychotherapy. Coming from a family where exploration and self-awareness were two important virtues, she got in touch with her artistic creativity from a very young age. As a teenager, she decided to study Social Anthropology at Panteion University, a step that led her to encounter different cultural realities and theories about humanity, fostering a deeper understanding of herself and others.

While studying anthropology, she got to explore more of herself through theater, completing her studies in acting at the Karolos Koun Art Theater. Her desire for deeper understanding and connection with herself was growing bigger and bigger, as she embarked on a journey into the world of psychotherapy (synthetic, Asimakis School).

Her life path eventually brought her in the path of Arnold Mindells’ teachings, Processwork, and she decided to delve into it. This approach focuses on exploring unconscious processes and their significance for personal development and change. Though most importantly, it addresses all aspects of the self unconditionally, lovingly, with the goal of integration and completion.

Through this experience, Daphne enriched her toolkit and strengthened her ability to accompany others on their internal journeys, enjoying all the benefits of this magical encounter.

Art and psychotherapy merged to create an environment of self-awareness and self-evolution, where creativity and sensitivity join forces towards inner and outer exploration and understanding.

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Phone: +30 6977 626 164
Email:  dafni.asimakopoulou[at]

Lena Aslanidou. L.S.W., M.P.W.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker 

Lena is a Social Worker and a Certified Process Worker and she is trained in General Systems Theory and its Applications on Human Sciences at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos. She works in Greece and internationally as a processworker, trainer, group and conflict facilitator and organizational consultant.

After completing her studies in social work she worked as a councilor for families and individuals at the Psychiatric Department of the General Hospital of Athens.

She first came across Arnold Mindell’s work and Process Work in 1990. This was an important moment in her life because, for the first time, she found an organized system of thought, which could be applied to all aspects of human experience, political, psychological and spiritual. The enthusiasm of this discovery lead her to Portland, Oregon, to study Process Work.

Since 1997 she has returned to Greece, where she works in private practice as a counselor and trainer with individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations. Together with colleagues she brought Processwork to Greece, and co-founded Processwork Greece and Processwork Hub.
She has been a member of the facilitation staff of Worldwork Seminars, and teaches Processwork seminars in Greece and abroad.

Her main interest in working with people is in accessing a sense of freedom from which each person can express their wholeness, and the connection of the spiritual dimension to everyday consciousness and life.

Lena loves nature and animals. She loves meditation and enjoys spending time with friends.

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Phone: +30 210 9848916 / +30 210 9848912
Email:  lena.aslanidou[at]

Alexandra Vassiliou, Ph.D.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Alexandra Vassiliou has a Ph.D in Social Psychology. She works in Greece and internationally as a processworker, trainer, supervisor, group and conflict facilitator and organizational consultant.Her relationship with psychology started from the Athenian Institute of Anthropos in 1982, where she was trained in Systems Theory and Group Dynamics. At the same time she was attending the Agricultural University of Athens, where she graduated in 1990 with a M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, specializing in Agricultural Economics.

In 1990, in a seminar in Zurich, Switzerland, she met Arnold Mindell and his associates. She was impressed by the multi-dimensional and multi-leveled approach of Processwork to human experience and the way it combined Jungian Psychology, Quantum Physics and Taoism. She was also inspired by the way Processwork’s view of personal change creates opportunities and awareness for social change. She then decided to go to Portland, Oregon in the United States and study Processwork.

During her stay in the United States, she also pursued a doctoral training program in Social Psychology, with an emphasis on Conflict Resolution, with The Union Institute in Ohio. Her doctoral dissertation was focused on the ‘terrorist’ as a role in human interactions and group dynamics. In 1996 she returned to Greece and began applying Processwork in her work with individuals and groups.

She is a facilitator and trainer of trainers for the Grundkraft programs in Greece, Teachers Empowered and Leaders Empowered.

She has been a member of the facilitation staff of Worldwork Seminars, and teaches Processwork seminars in Greece and abroad. She collaborates with private and public organizations, uyniveristies and NGOs, facilitating trainings in communication, conflict resolution, team dynamics and group process. Since 2016, she collaborates with Greek and international NGOs that operate in the humanitarian sector, offering services to refugees and migrants.

She is also a member of the Art In Perspective network of professionals. In collaboration with Vera Lardi, they have developed a methodology named Theater of Social Dialogue, as a tool for community work and intervention.  She is also a founding member and member of Orlando LGBT+.

She is interested in human experience as it expresses itself through the body, through dreams and through relationships.

Membership in Associations:

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Phone: +30 210 9819868 / +30 210 9848912
Email: avassiliou[at]

Lily Vassiliou, Ph.D.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Lily is a Social Worker and a Certified Process Worker. She has completed doctoral studies in Psychology, and trained in Processwork, and in Systems Theory, Family Therapy and Group Dynamics. Lily works in Greece and internationally as a processwork trainer, counselor & facilitator.

Together with colleagues she brought Processwork to Greece and co-founded Processwork Greece and Processwork Hub. She is a faculty member of the Processwork Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA, and of Processwork Spain in Barcelona, Spain.

In Processwork Lily found a paradigm that views process, i.e., what is happening, as the Teacher; a paradigm that values all experiences and finds treasures hidden in the most troublesome of them. This worldview fit her feeling about life. Being immersed in it gave her a deeper understanding and appreciation of herself and the world around her. The wide application of this paradigm to the various areas of life, and the various, therefore, aspects remaining to be discovered and learned thrill her curious inquisitive nature.

Among Lily’s interests is Worldwork as a methodology working on diversity issues and building sustainable community. She has helped organize and co-facilitated Open Forums (public dialogues) in Athens around the economic crisis and the social changes entailed, and abroad in the USA on racism, xenophobia, sexism and homophobia, and in Beaston, Leeds, UK on the aftermath of the July 2005 London bombings.

Lily is acutely aware of escalating tensions on the planet and seeks ways to be actively involved in working with them.

Membership in Associations:

  • International Association of Process Oriented Psychology / IAPOP (2006 – present)
  • National Organisation for Psychotherapy of Greece / ΕΕΨΕ (2009 – present)
  • European Association for Psychotherapy / EAP (2009 – present)
  • American Psychological Association / APA (2009- present)
  • National Association of Social Workers of Greece / ΣΚΛΕ (1986- present)
  • Global Process Institute (1998-2014 when it merged with IAPOP)

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Phone & Fax: +30 210 9848 912
Email: lvassiliou[at]

Ioanna Velali, M.A., M.A.P.W.
Diploma in Processwork  (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Ioanna is a Processwork Diplomate (Processwork Institute, Portland, Oregon, USA 2016), a Dance/Movement therapist (Roehampton University, London, UK, 2006) and a Psychology graduate (University of Reading, UK, 2001).

She encountered Processwork in 2006 as part of her own therapeutic work.

As a client she appreciated the feeling during her sessions that everything is welcomed. Every feeling, difficulty, thought, confusion had the space to express itself and it was accepted as part of her wholeness. As time went by, she realized that when she opened her heart to all the sides (especially the ones she disliked in herself and in others) things became more light and her relationships were enriched. After this healing experience she decided to study Processwork.

She works in private practice, accompanying people on their personal growth journey, as a supervisor and as an adult educator.

She finds inspiration in the way the approach relates to the human experience: with respect, tenderness and a child-like curiosity. The guiding concept, namely that the difficulties we encounter are potentially creative, is the basis of her work. She has absolute trust in the wisdom of the human experience as it unfolds moment by moment. As a Dance/Movement therapist she follows the intelligence and the rhythms of the body and she consults it continually while she works with people.

In collaboration with her colleagues she co-founded Processwork Greece and co-organized a series of open forums in Athens during the social/economic crisis. In 2017 she was a member of the organizing committee for WorldWork Greece.

She is a member of the Internatonal Associaton of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).

In 2018 she participated in a Permaculture Design course and since then she is committed to the process of making the necessary changes in her life towards a more sustainable existence on planet Earth.

Her awareness on the global tensions and injustices around gender, sexuality, race, class, privilege/power, ecology, health and their intersectionality keeps her on her toes she is always learning and looking for more conscious/inclusive ways of living together.

Contact Info

Phone: +30 6947 564 878
Email: ioannav9[at]
Giannarou 17, 17455 Alimos

Gregory Vellios, MAPW
Diploma in Processwork  (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Gregory was born in Athens in 1981. He remembers himself in a very young age, having a passionate curiosity. He was full of questions about the world, relationships, feelings, himself.

At the age of 19, and after a series of car accidents, he started his personal therapy with a process worker. He became the car, in its uncontrolled movement leading to the accident. Encouraged to pay attention to what was happening, moments later he found himself with tears pouring down his face after having glimpsed what actually needed crashing. Processwork fascinated him right there and then.

He studied Hotel management in Athens and worked in the tourism industry from 2000 to 2006. At the same time he attended Worldwork in Greece and Australia and kept working on himself in a therapeutic context. His process led him to Portland, Oregon, in January 2007 to attend the Winter Intensive seminar, where the basic concepts of  Processwork are taught and explained.

Dream work, symptom work, relationships, group work, inner work…  this awareness paradigm gave him space to breathe. Acknowledging marginalized parts of himself and finding meaning in disturbances, he learned to see the world with his eyes closed and appreciate tiny bits of wholeness.

In September 2007, his formal studies in process oriented-psychology began, when he joined the M.A.P.W. Diploma program.  Gregory moved to the USA for the next 4 years. While in Portland, he was part of the Rivers Way Clinic, where he fulfilled his training. He was a part of the staff in Worldwork in Denver and the Winter intensive of 2011. He graduated in the summer of 2011, writing his thesis on internalized criticism, addiction and healing.

Together with  colleagues he co-founded Processwork Greece. He works privately In Athens as an awareness facilitator. He was part of the organizing team of Worldwork 2017 Greece.

His dream is  to use processwork with youth, to facilitate the relationship between the youth and their inner critics. So much potential is wasted, so much pain is felt when that inner battle is on.

Gregory loves swimming in the sea under the warmth of the sun.

Contact Info

Phone: +30 6936064903
Email: gregonprocess[at]

Sofia Ilia, M.Sc., M.A.P.W.
Diploma in Process work
Certified Process Worker

Sofia was born in Athens, in 1975. In 1998 she graduated from the Department of Psychology, University of Crete, and in 2001 she completed her graduate studies in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Essex, U.K.

From 1999-2000 she trained at the Person-Centered Center, in Athens (Carl Roger’s counseling approach). From 2002 to 2005 she trained in the Systems Thinking approach to psychotherapy at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos, in Athens.
From 2003 to 2011 she worked as a counselor and psychotherapist in different agencies in Athens and also in private practice. At the N.G.O. “Praksis” she offered counselling services to immigrants and asylum seekers, and at the National Center for Social Solidarity in Athens, she worked as a therapist with individuals, couples and families.

Sofia was introduced to Process Work in 2005 and was originally fascinated because it was surprising, unexpected, and evoked deep emotions. Process Work for Sofia offers an approach that combines cognitive thinking and dreaming. She loves how it makes space for all experiences, especially those usually marginalized.

Sofia earned her Diploma in Process Work from the Process Work Institute, Oregon, U.S.A., graduating in February 2014. Since 2012 she has been living in Portland, Oregon and since 2014 she has been working as a counselor at the Portland Process Work Clinic, as well as in private practice with clients in Greece and U.S.A. Together with colleagues she co-founded Process Work Greece.

Sofia loves working with people because it strengthens her feeling of connection and oneness. Her goal as a therapist is to accompany people in their path to discovery and acceptance of their full selves.

Sofia loves music, animals, nature, cloud formations in the sky, and everything that can begin a journey.

Contact Info

Email: sofiailia[at]

Vassiliki Katrivanou, M.A.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Vassiliki Katrivanou has a special interest on combining psychology and politics in order to find new pathways for the empowerment of people and groups.

She works in Greece and internationally as a therapist, trainer, conflict facilitator, coach and organizational consultant. She is currently working as the Coordinator of the Social Unit of the Greek Council for Refugees. She also collaborates with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung-Greece and the Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung Greece facilitating trainings for the empowerment of women who are involved in politics, how to connect with their own vision and create their own way of leadership. Previous to that she was a special counselor of UNICEF, appointed to the Ministry of Education for the education of the refugee children.

She is a certified Processworker (Diploma and Master in Process Work) and holds a BA in International Studies and a Master in Conflict Resolution (Portland State University). She has been trained in Systems Theory and Group Dynamics at the Athenian Institute of Anthropos in Athens. She has also been trained as coach at the Global Coaching Institute, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

She was a member of the Greek Parliament with SYRIZA, from June 2012 until May 2016 when she resigned. She was also a Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (June 2014-May 2016). Her main focus was on human rights: immigration and refugees, human rights in prisons, mental health, the rights of women and the LGBTQI community. In this context, she had the opportunity to apply tools of process oriented psychology and conflict resolution.

She has been a faculty member of the training programs of the Process Work Institute in Portland, USA, Processwork in Israel and currently of the Process Work Institute in India. She is a faculty member of the Worldwork seminars (training in Conflict Resolution and Community Building), sponsored by the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology.

She has led training workshops in conflict resolution with Palestinians and Israelis and facilitated seminars with Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot women and youth on the Cypriot conflict and on gender issues. She also worked on issues of empowerment and human rights with NGOs in Mexico (Chiapas, Morelos), and in Palestine. In Greece, Vassiliki has been an associate for many years of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos. She worked with teachers and students in primary prevention programs of OKANA (Organization for Drug Prevention) and KETHEA (Center for the Treatment of People with Addictions). She has also cooperated with the Center for Research and Action for Peace, KEDE, and the Foundation of the Hellenic World on trainings in conflict resolution and school violence. She worked on programs for the empowerment of immigrants and immigrant women with Mosaic-KETHEA and Babel. She also led youth workshops on communication and empowerment using art, drama, video and photography.

Vassiliki, in collaboration with Bushra Azzouz, directed the documentary, “The Women of Cyprus” (, which portrays how a group of Turkish and Greek Cypriot women handle conflict, explores the hidden histories of the divided island and the women’s will to live together again. The documentary has been screened internationally (Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, U.K., U.S.A, Mexico).

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Phone: +30 694 60 16 608
Email: vassilikikat[at]

Nopi Kechaoglou, M.A.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Nopi Kechaoglou is a Social Anthropologist (Panteion University) with postgraduate studies in Social History (Paris1 Sorbonne) and a Certified Process Worker. She works as a processworker individually and with couples and as a consultant in the development of adult education methodology. She is a certified trainer of trainers and adult educator with a focus on training, conflict resolution, group dynamics and communication.
She is a member of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).

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Email: nopik.mail[@]

Vicky Koumpou, M.A.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Vicky Koumpou is a licensed psychologist. She studied Psychology (B.Sc., Hons) in the University of East London (UEL), holds an MA in Education/Special Educational Needs & Disabilities from the University of Derby, and has also studied Visual Communication in VAKALO Art & Design College.
She was trained in Systemic Counseling at the Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations, in treating Special Learning Difficulties, and in the approach of Process Work at Processwork Hub.

She has worked in various units at the social organization ΚLIMAKA, with people facing mental illness and their deinstitutionalization and reintegration into the community, as well as with the training in various professional workshops addressed to vulnerable groups of the population. She has worked in the field of education of adolescents with mental retardation, Down syndrome, and pervasive developmental disorders at the Special Education Laboratory MARGARITA. She has also worked with children facing special learning and/or emotional difficulties, and the intervention in their families. She was a co-founding member in the initiative of the Psy-Diktyo/Low-Cost Counseling from 2012 to 2018.

Since 2010 she has been working in her private practice in Athens, providing counseling individually to adults, parents, and couples. Also, she collaborates with private nursery schools and kindergartens as an external freelancer, having regular communication and cooperation with teachers and parents. In this context, she coordinates speeches and parent groups.

Participation in Professional Associations:

Contact Info

Phone: +30 6974 870 589 / +30 210 6913 912
E-mail: vickykoumpou[at]

Venetia Bouronikou, M.A.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Venetia Bouronikou is a Psychologist and a Certified Processworker. She graduated from the department of Psychology, Aristotele University of Thessaloniki in 1998. Subsequently, she trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and in Group Dynamics.
She met Processwork in the early 2000 and later on she trained in Processwork (Process Oriented Psychology) at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, USA. She holds a Diploma and Master of Arts in Processwork.

Venetia works as a therapist with individuals, couples and relationships, as a group facilitator and trainer since 2000.
She is a scientific associate at “Orlando LGBT+ Mental Health Beyond the Stigma” and a supervisor at the helpline “11528-By your Side”, for LGBT+ individuals and their families.

In Greece she has collaborated with various organizations and NGOs, such as KETHEA-“Diavasi”, ARSIS-Association for the Social Support of Youth, DIOTIMA- Centre for Research on Women’s Issues (CRWI), Doctors without Borders (MSF) and the Greek Council for Refugees (GCR), providing training, counseling and supervision in conflict resolution, team dynamics, communication and crisis management.
She has also collaborated with the Process Work Institute of Portland (Oregon, USA), with Processwork Institute India and ANZPOP (Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology).

She has co-authored a Graphic Novel on group facilitation and conflict resolution, based on the Worldwork seminar held in Greece in 2017. The Graphic Novel is titled “Dreaming Into Community. A Guidebook to Worldwork”.

Venetia is interested in bringing awareness in the social context and she is passionate about the interconnectedness of personal and social change.
Her work is based on her deep trust in the unique expression of the individual, relationship or group life, the wisdom that emerges through following the process, and the transformative and healing power of awareness.

She is a member of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).
Together with colleagues she founded Processwork Greece.

Nature is her powerful ally and teacher. Venetia loves swimming in the sea, walking in the forest and staring at the universe.

Contact Info

Email:  bvenetia[at]

Eirini Dakou, M.Sc.
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Eirini was born in Athens in 1973.

She has graduate and postgraduate studies in Psychology and is a Certified Process Worker. She works privately as a psychotherapist with adults, individually and in groups, couples and adolescents, as a supervisor and as a trainer.

She grew up in a family with strong social and political action and strong dysfunction in parallel. With this background she decided in her adolescent years to study psychology with the intention to stand by human pain and make the world a better place.

Her natural world is the world of movement, of dance, and as a kid dancing, athletics, literature, knowledge and music was her microcosm. She had a thirst to understand the “why” in all things, an authentic curiosity for the back text, the root, the beginning, for what is not visible. She had thus equal love for both the exact sciences and humanities as all explore different why’s. She loved Process Work because it connects psychology, quantum physics, spirituality and the traditional wisdom of east and west, because it follows the curiosity in order to reach the invisible or unseen. Wholeness, love for all, is the prism under which she views the world around her and she believes that the path to wholeness is our life’s goal.

Except Process Work, she is also trained in Systems Theory in the Athenian Institute of Anthropos, Dance Therapy in the Greek Association of Dance Therapists, and completed a two-year clinical training in Aigineition University Hospital of Athens.

Her connection with nature is her oxygen. She loves hiking, trail running, swimming all around the year, climbing, gazing the horizons, hugging trees and talking to plants. She is a nature activist and an activist for human rights, justice, for better life conditions for all, for peace.

She wishes the day was much longer to accommodate all she wants to do. In her free time, she dances, reads, listens to music and shares moments with the people she loves.

She is a member of the International Association of Process Work (I.A.P.O.P.), of the Hellenic Association of Systems Therapy (EL.E.SY.TH.), of the Woman’s Mental Health Association (W.M.H.A.).

Contact Info

Phone: +30 6932 768 768
Email: eirini.dakou[at]

Nancy Papathanasiou, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Scientific Director of Orlando LGBT+ Mental Health Beyond the Stigma Scientific Coordinator, 11528 Helpline By Your Side 

Dr. Papathanasiou holds an MSc and a PhD on Clinical Psychology from the University of Athens and is an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Social Work (University of West Attica). Since 2009, she works privately as a clinical psychologist, a group facilitator and a trainer on LGBTQ issues, DEI, and leadership.

She has coordinated numerous research projects on LGBTQI psychosocial support for Orlando LGBT+ and her research interests focus on resilience, adaptation and well-being of LGBTQI+ individuals, minorities, discrimination, and exclusion. Her clinical interests include sexual, gender, and relationship diversity, and community psychology. She has authored articles in peer reviewed journals and book chapters and has co-edited the first volume in Greek on LGBTQI+ mental health and psychosocial support.

She is a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and holds the Advanced Accreditation for working with Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversities (AAGSRDT, Pink Therapy, UK).

Contact Info

Email: np[at]

Mike Pilavios, M.A.P.W.

Mike obtained his Master’s degree in Process Work from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, United States (2022). He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom (2018) and is a member of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP).

Starting at the age of 15, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and personal development, driven by an autoimmune symptom (Crohn’s disease) that manifested when he was 8. This led him to explore this world through therapies, seminars, and various approaches to psychotherapy.

After several years, during his quest for education in a psychotherapeutic method, Process Work emerged as the first approach he encountered. After attending a seminar with Jan Dworkin in Barcelona, Spain, he decided to focus on Process Work for his Master’s degree in the United States. To his surprise, he discovered that Process Work worked extensively with body symptoms, deepening his love for the method and aiding him significantly in his own symptom and life evolution.

In the United States, he also worked for two years at River’s Way Clinic and was a member of the therapist team at the Winter Intensive 2022.

Currently, Mike works in private practice with adolescents and organizes psychotherapy seminars for both adolescents and adults.

One of Mike’s dreams is to support adolescents in discovering their true selves, realizing what they truly want, and pursuing it in their lives.

Contact Info

Phone: +30 6946 315 730
Email: mikepilavios[at]
Herodotou 29, Kolonaki, 10673 Athens

Maria Psarraki
Diploma in Processwork (Dipl.PW)
Certified Process Worker

Maria Psarraki, Certified Process Worker, Diploma in Processwork (Dipl. PW) and BA in Philosophy & Education

Maria has completed studies in Philosophy, Education and Languages. She has long term experience in teaching immigrants and refugees as an adult trainer, and in teaching children in primary and secondary education as a teacher.

In 2015, she began her studies in Process Oriented Psychology and got her Diploma in Process Work in 2022. She is currently a member of the International Association of Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP). She has a private practice where she works with individuals, relationships, groups, and families. Maria also works with children in their formative years of schooling, as a trainee counsellor/therapist at St Catherine’s British School in Athens. She holds sessions in both Greek and English, in person and online.

Her practice and values as a Process Worker are deeply informed by her experience in LGBTQI+/feminist collectives and initiatives. As a practitioner, Maria is interested in the emotional resilience and wellbeing of LGBTQI+ individuals, in issues of discrimination and exclusion, race and queer parenting. In her practice she also focuses on the experience of loss and grief, and on dreams and body symptoms as doorways to deeper inner processes. In her work with children, Maria supports the resilience, adaptation, and wellbeing of young learners, and works with them towards their psychosocial and emotional wellbeing within the school and in the relationships’ dojo.

Since her childhood, she has been experimenting with movement, physical expression and deep body work. As a child and a teenager, she practiced different forms of dance and body exploration; as an adult, she experimented with contact improvisation, butoh dance and yoga. Maria also has a long experience in practicing martial arts and sports, such as rock climbing and mountaineering/hiking; through these endeavors she continuously tries to explore the unknown within herself but also outside in the world of humans and nature.

Contact Info

Phone: +30 6944 949 792
Email: mrpsarraki[@]