what is processwork

what is processwork

Processwork is a cross-disciplinary approach to human experience. It was developed in the 1970s from Arnold Mindell and his associates. Processwork has its roots in Jungian Psychology, Quantum Physics and Taoism. It is a holistic approach that offers a new understanding and way of working with body experiences, dreams, symptoms, relationships, and interpersonal and social conflicts.

Processwork was founded by Arnold Mindell who observed that night-time dreams reflect body experiences and vice versa. We do not dream only at night, our body is constantly dreaming. We do something, and at the same time a dream is present. The dreaming process stems from the essence of life and is a continuous flow of experiences that are expressed in our dreams, body experiences, and relationships to other people and the world.

One of the principles of Processwork is that whatever is happening in any given moment, however troublesome or disturbing it may seem, contains the seed for a meaningful process, that once unfolded can reveal its message and meaning. If we consider the possibility that each problem contains its solution, then those experiences that trouble us are not disruptive and destructive, but they also offer an opportunity for personal growth and finding of new meaning in personal and relationship life.

“…The basic idea behind all of the applications of Processwork is the idea of nature and flow. Even the most painful experiences like illness, psychosis or hatred can become useful if we follow them with precision, compassion and awareness..”

Arnold Mindell, ‘The Leader as a Martial Artist’

Processwork is more of a descriptive than a prescriptive model. One follows the process as it arises from moment to moment, trying to gain awareness of the deeper dreaming. Through this, one may often find solutions to problems or new directions in life. A background attitude of Processwork is to value people for who they are, and to support diversity, being careful not to unconsciously side with social norms. Its main purpose is developing awareness around the dreaming process that moves us all.

image from www.processwork.org